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Welcome to Black Diamond!

At Black Diamond Custom Tattoos, we are committed to providing exceptional value alongside our premium services and outstanding artistry. Our pricing structure reflects our dedication to transparency and ensures that you know exactly what to expect when you choose us for your tattoo journey.

For larger tattoo projects, such as sleeves, back pieces, and other extensive designs, we charge a $50 preparation and setup fee. This fee covers the time spent on stenciling, prepping the area to be tattooed, placing the stencil, and making any necessary modifications to the design. Once the preparation is complete, our artists charge a rate of $200 per hour for their exceptional craftsmanship.

For smaller tattoos, we offer two pricing options: a fixed minimum price or the hourly rate, depending on which is greater. Our pricing takes into account various factors that contribute to the complexity and time required to complete your unique tattoo. These factors include:

  1. Number of elements: The more elements involved in your design, the more time and effort required by our artists.

  2. Level of detail: Detailed designs demand more attention and precision, which may impact the price.

  3. Placement on the body: Some areas of the body may require extra care or a specific approach due to their unique contours or sensitivity.

  4. Level of precision: Designs that require high levels of precision, such as realism or signatures, may affect the price due to the skill and focus needed.

  5. Size: The size of your tattoo is one of the most significant factors in determining the price, as larger designs require more time and resources.

Please note that our shop minimum price to be tattooed is $150. This ensures that we maintain the high quality and luxury experience you expect from Black Diamond Custom Tattoos.

We understand that each tattoo is a personal investment and a unique form of self-expression. Our team is always available to discuss your ideas, preferences, and budget to help you make the best decision for your tattoo experience.

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